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Welcome Dr. Carrie.

Dr. Carrie, seen here with her daughter,  brings a refreshing attitude and new energy to our office.  Welcome!!!

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K LASER is here!

We are sampling the STATE OF THE ART " K LASER"  , this therapy might reach your inner healing power!

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Hi quality nutrition products arrive

Ask the front desk about these high efficiency products available now: Prodovite : works in 5 minutes,  fast acting diet supplement N Sorb:   helps enzymes to reach the blood system Brian Reward:   reduces cravings and detox symptoms ,  increases focus  

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Feel good event – hearing restored

Every so often a feel good moment occures. In 2009, Madonna lost partial hearing on one side. She recently tried Dr. Haupt and after 3 visits noticed her hear had been restored 100%. This is a true example of how chiropractic care helps return the body to health.

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