My junior year at Lanley High School I received a severe concussion in the Spring of 2011 playing lacrosse. I was having daily headaches throughout the summer that continued into my senior year. I went to countless concussion specialists in the area, however, none of them were able to provide any relief from the headaches. After about 6 months of daily headaches I was very frustrated with the lack of medical answers to my headaches.

In the Spring of 2012 Dr. Haupt reached out to me. When I went into her office for my first appointment I did not know what to expect. After evaluating my symptoms, she was able to adjust my neck and back, targeting several areas that had built up tension and were likely causing stress and headaches. Her adjustments, combined with other medical treatments ( finally ) were able to provide amazing relief to my headaches. I continued going to Dr. Haupt through the summer and my headaches decreased. Now, my stress has decreased and my overall health has improved.

I owe many thanks to Dr. Haupt. She was great in helping me to rebound from a severe concussion from lacrosse. Now, even though I am in college, I still make sure I get in to see Dr. Haupt and get adjusted every time I am home for a break.

Mike Meyer