I was experiencing severe numbness, tingling, and pain in both hands after approximately 2-3 hours of sleep each night . The pain and numbness prevented me from sleeping and had persisted for approximately six months.

My primary care physician diagnosed my condition as carpel tunnel syndrome and referred me to a neurologist. However , I elected to try chiropractic care from Dr. Alicia Haupt D.C.

Dr. Haupt quickly diagnosed my condition as cervical (neck) muscle spasms inhibiting the nerve structures that supply the hands. Shortly after several sessions, my symptoms began to abate and with in two weeks of treatment I was symptom free. .

I have found Dr. Haupt to be both professional and caring and I routinely refer my students and athletes to her practice. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is experiencing neurovascular or musculoskeletal disorders.

Richard Scavongelli
Virginia Board of Medicine Licensed Athletic Trainer
Prince William County Sports Medicine Teacher