Dan Puhlick

knee (range of motion)

As a Physical Education teacher and coach, I have to be actively involved with the students all day, every day. While snow tubing with my family last winter, I tweaked my knee. It was one of those injuries where you go, “that felt weird”. The knee got progressively tighter over the next hour or so. We finished the tubing session, and got into the car to go home. By the time we made it home, I could not bend the knee or put any weight on it.
The next morning, I called Dr. Haupt at Gateway Chiropractic. I crutched into her office where she counseled with me and began aggressively treating with Ice, electric stimulation, ultrasound, and a herbal patch therapy. The results were amazing. After 2 days, I was able to walk, and after a week, I was 100%. I always thought chiropractors were just for spine health, but Dr. Haupt works magic on sports injuries, too!

Active Release Technique helps a VA veteran/January 2017

foot / finger ( pain & flexibility)

A 30-Year Soldier’s Testimonial

Dr. Alicia Haupt’s approach to healing is amazing. I am a 30-year veteran of the military and my body clearly felt all those years of service. Upon retirement, I was seeking a solution to a number of ailments that the VA just could not provide. I happened upon Gateway Chiropractic, and the results have been astonishing. Dr. Haupt treats the cause of structural issues as opposed to the symptoms and in just one month, my daily life has improved significantly.

When I started care, I had several concerns. Most notably and most painful were my foot injuries. After only a couple of Active Release treatments, I was able to take my family to Disney World January 2017 and walk 20 – 25,000 steps per day for six days with little to no discomfort. Two months ago, that would have been impossible.

Her treatment on my back is allowing me to sleep through the night, not waking due to back pain.

Finally, she noticed a lack of flexibility in a finger due to ligament damage from years past. She has worked vigorously with A.R.T. to heal the finger, thus far gaining about 50% more flexibility with a tremendous decrease in pain.

If you are tired of the medications and surgical options, give Gateway Chiropractic a chance and you will be impressed.

From and Old, but a Young at Heart Soldier

David Dockan

foot (toe pain, hammer toes)

During the summer of 2014, I had changed my exercise habits and was doing a lot of high impact workouts, such as “P 90 X” and “T 25“. I started having a lot of pain in my toes/feet which lead me to go see an orthopedic surgeon. The Orthopedic diagnosis was that the foot bones had grown too long; I was told that I needed to have some of the bones cut down and then put my toes back so that there would be less pressure on them. I was very apprehensive about such an extreme procedure!

I decided to ask Dr. Haupt if she thought cutting bones sounded right. She suggested I improve my posture, do joint stretching, and decrease the stress on the toe/foot area in question. Dr. Haupt suggested the problem was likely related to a muscle issue that originated in my ankles. She gave me foot-toe braces and exercises, and in just one month, I have had a drastic decrease in pain. 4 out of my 6 hammer toes are already completely normal, and the other two look much better too!

I have been able to resume some of the more high impact exercises I need for marching band, which were previously giving me pain.

Mike Meyer

concussion (headaches)

My junior year at Lanley High School I received a severe concussion in the Spring of 2011 playing lacrosse. I was having daily headaches throughout the summer that continued into my senior year. I went to countless concussion specialists in the area, however, none of them were able to provide any relief from the headaches. After about 6 months of daily headaches I was very frustrated with the lack of medical answers to my headaches.In the Spring of 2012 Dr. Haupt reached out to me. When I went into her office for my first appointment I did not know what to expect. After evaluating my symptoms, she was able to adjust my neck and back, targeting several areas that had built up tension and were likely causing stress and headaches. Her adjustments, combined with other medical treatments ( finally ) were able to provide amazing relief to my headaches. I continued going to Dr. Haupt through the summer and my headaches decreased. Now, my stress has decreased and my overall health has improved.I owe many thanks to Dr. Haupt. She was great in helping me to rebound from a severe concussion from lacrosse. Now, even though I am in college, I still make sure I get in to see Dr. Haupt and get adjusted every time I am home for a break.

Richard Scavongelli

arm (numbness)

I was experiencing severe numbness, tingling, and pain in both hands after approximately 2-3 hours of sleep each night . The pain and numbness prevented me from sleeping and had persisted for approximately six months.

My primary care physician diagnosed my condition as carpel tunnel syndrome and referred me to a neurologist. However , I elected to try chiropractic care from Dr. Alicia Haupt D.C.

Dr. Haupt quickly diagnosed my condition as cervical (neck) muscle spasms inhibiting the nerve structures that supply the hands. Shortly after several sessions, my symptoms began to abate and with in two weeks of treatment I was symptom free. .

I have found Dr. Haupt to be both professional and caring and I routinely refer my students and athletes to her practice. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is experiencing neurovascular or musculoskeletal disorders.

Richard Scavongelli
Virginia Board of Medicine Licensed Athletic Trainer
Prince William County Sports Medicine Teacher

Steve Bianco

shoulder (frozen shoulder, pain)

About 2 years ago I developed a lot of pain in my shoulder. It started out just being sore, but as time went along, it worsened to the point of not being able to lift my arm past my shoulders to even getting no sleep. It was at this time I knew I needed someone to look at my shoulder.

I decided to go see Dr. Haupt at Gateway Chiropractic. She immediately diagnosed it as Adhesive Capsulitis, better known as Frozen Shoulder. She started me on electric stimulation, laser therapy, ultrasound and spine adjustments as well as doing stretching and exercising in the office. She also recommended exercises and stretches for me to do at home.

To this date, after several months of physical therapy at her office, I can truly say that I am able to sleep pain free, I am able to play with my kids, and I CAN GOLF AGAIN!

I look forward to my next visit as I know it will be 1 step closer to normalcy.
I am not 100% at this point, but I will be one day soon thanks to Dr. Haupt and the wonderful staff at Gateway Chiropractic.

Thanks for your dedication and support !!!

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